Business owners with 5 to 100 employees: Tired of rising health care costs? Switching to a self-funded plan may be easier than you think. It’s time to consider a quote from Wenrick Insurance Agency.

Self-funded plans are more stable. Monthly payments are based on the health trends of your employees. And when health care costs are lower than expected, you get back a percentage of your unused claims portion of the premium. Control your health care costs with self-funded plan with top insurance companies: Aetna and UnitedHealth.

Not long ago self-funded plans were only considered by larger companies. Then major insurance companies designed their self-funded plan with your smaller business in mind. It’s time you enjoyed these savings:

  • You could save up to 25 percent upfront
  • You could save long-term with the surplus sharing benefit
  • You could save on taxes and fees
  • You could save time on health care tracking and reporting.

Typically, self-funding has been used by large companies to control benefits costs. Self-funding offers self-funding built for your smaller business.

It’s a win-win program! Your business can get money back in years when your medical costs are lower than anticipated. If medical costs are higher than anticipated, you’re protected with stop-loss portion of the insurance. Insurance company plan designs provide you with access to quality network and health and wellness benefits.

Wenrick Insurance Agency has helped small businesses to save costs for their plans as well as receiving surplus premium dollars from their self-funded plan. With self-funded we even have helped small businesses that could not afford medical plans for their employees, provided a medical plan program where most of their employees enrolled.

Given the cost and limited medical plans for individuals/families today, having an employer providing health insurance is major benefit.

Contact Dennis today to find out how self-funded medical plans will work for your business

Dennis Wenrick of Wenrick Insurance

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